Biodegradable Void Fill

Units: 1
Product code: BIO
  • 1 bag of biodegradable void fill
  • Proven high performance since 1994
  • Smooth services on the void fill prevent scratching
  • Odourless and dust free
  • Light weight to reduce shipping costs
  • 0.432 cubic meters per bag
  • Made from GM free starch - sustainable raw materials in a low energy process
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Independently proven to offer better all round protection than any other polystyrene void fill
  • The chips surrounding the product provide high level shock and impact protection for you goods
  • The chips prevent damage, scratches and breakages
  • The biodegradable loose fill offers superior performance for delicate fine china to sensitive electronic equipment to heavy mechanical components
Code BIO
Units 1